Can You Use Video Games for Education?

June 29, 2015

Many parents and even teachers seem to agree that some games are good training different skills, especially for kids with different learning styles.  What do you think? We still highly recommend limiting screen time. Read more at 04/beyond-screen-time-what-a-good-game-like-minecraft-teaches-kids/361261/ Topic submitted by G. Avivi.  


Making the Leap

June 19, 2015

BY: TAB Whenever you feel scared and you don’t want to do it, you do it anyway.  This could be a great life experience and a chance to do something new. That happened to me last weekend.  I really didn’t want to jump off a 15 foot cliff into the water, but I did it anyway. It felt really good after that.  And my group of friends really cheered me…


Which egg is which?

June 14, 2015

White store bought grade A large vs Brown homegrown egg. We’re pretty sure this is a double yolk.  Most are not quite as large.  We definitely enjoy finding the eggs. It’s like an egg hunt several times a day. Our chickens are free roaming which means they nest wherever they want and we have to find the nests. Not super efficient for us though. It is nice knowing the eggs…


Fostering Kittens

June 12, 2015

Have you ever fostered 2 cute kittens where ones playful but the other’s shy? Well I’m doing that right now and Mango (the playful orange tabby) is quite wild and annoying and Kiwi (the tabby that’s shy) is, well, shy and scared. What happened to Mango you’re thinking….. But I think since she sooo playful she probably ran out of the house and got lost and was found by our…


Tell Me What’s Next

Next Video: Hopefully I’ll have my next video up next week! Once that’s finished, you guys can leave a comment below on which video you want me to do next!

June 4, 2015