5 Easy Ways for School Kids to Get Organized

by Ceillie Simkiss, Contributor, Kidsperiences.com


We all know that one of the hardest parts of being busy is staying organized, especially when you have school, homework and chores to do. We also know that when other people organize our stuff, it makes stuff really difficult to find when you need it.  Doing a little bit of regular tidying and organization can actually save you time in the long run, meaning that you can spend more time doing the things that you enjoy the most!

Here are some tips on staying organized, with some high-tech and low-tech options:

1   Keeping yourself organized is the first step on the path to success

 This one will require a little bit of help from everyone, but can be incredibly useful for keeping  schedules straight!


Keep a calendar in a central location in your house and write everyone’s schedules in at the beginning of every month, or as changes happen – i.e. doctors appointments, family events, school field trips.  Try to check the calendar every morning so you can keep to the schedule.  make sure you wear a watch and keep track of the time so you don’t miss any appointments, or cut your time too close to get to the next event.  If you say you are going to do something at a certain time, make sure you keep to the schedule.  Time management is a really valuable life skill.




Enter everyone’s schedules into a free calendar service such as Google Calendar, at the beginning of the month. This is great for parents’ schedules because you can easily schedule repeat events, and see scheduling conflicts. You can also put addresses in, making navigating from a smart phone simple and easy.



2   Got Papers?   Organize Your Old Homework


Whenever a homework assignment is returned to you, put it in a file folder or binder specific to the class, with a divider between each test. That way, when you want to study for a test, you have all of your homework in one place to study from!




Many kids use Google drive or files on their computer for their school assignments.  Be sure to make new folders for each topic or subject so you can keep everything in the right categories.


3   Got Ideas?  Keep up with ALL of the great ones


Carry a small notebook and pen/pencil around with you at all times – every time you have an idea or a thought to explore later, write it down!




Download an app for your smartphone such as Evernote or Microsoft OneNote (both free) and type in all of your ideas when you have them! This can also be done on a home computer or tablet.


4   Keep your “stuff” Organized


Disorganization wastes a lot of time, but everyone has messes and clutter from time to time.  Empty your pockets into a box or bucket at the end of every day.  Empty the box at the end of every week, trashing any garbage and saving all of the extra coin change.  If you put items in the same place each time you’ll know where to look for what you need.  you won’t search everywhere for your Library Card if you always hang it in the same spot.  And make sure all your pockets are empty before you throw your clothes into the laundry!


5   Create a To-Do List


Every night before you go to bed, create a list of all of the things that you want file0001564894818to do the next day. Hang this list somewhere prominent – like on the fridge, or in your homework space.  You can also use a whiteboard in a central area, or a bulletin board by the door in room.  Check things off as you do them, or toss the notes when you are finished.




Download a task or to-do list app like Asana or Notes to keep track of things you want to do tomorrow, in the next week or in the next month. This is great for long-term projects like business things to check on!


Get busy, and have fun organizing!