Kids want to earn extra money?

Need more help around the house?

Kids itching for some fun, new activities?

Middle-schoolers and Teens spending too much time on video games or screens?

Kidsperiences works to support you and your school-aged kids with fun educational information to make money online. We help them turn their passions into an online business or side entrepreneurship venture. Your kids can explore their favorite things to do, teach other kids, and learn how to turn it into many benefits.

Kids Teach Kids

We stay ahead of trends, help them create opportunities for commerce, and grow social media communities for them, and kids can work on anything they are interested in through a safe system and process. Many years of parenting have taught us what kids want to do and how they want to learn across varied media.  With 20 years of ecommerce and digital marketing experience, we provide your family with the tools and encouragement to set up for online success.

Kids, use the FREE Kidsperiences platform to:

  • make some extra money, whether you want a business or not
  • become an author and create an ebook
  • write an article, do product reviews
  • sell tipsheets or checklists on how you do things
  • make short how-to videos, start a YouTube channel
  • sell your handmade products
  • sell other people’s stuff
  • make short how-to videos
  • blog about your favorite topics
  • teach a class or series = online course
  • contribute to other’s projects – like one chapter of a book, one video for a group course
  • mess around with videos
  • explore your best talents that you don’t learn in school
  • develop new life skills and learn to be life-and work-ready
  • showcase your best work digitally for school, scholarships, or job differentiation

Kids teach kids how-to video with shows, blog, and lots of kidtalk with tips and advice by kids for kids’ success in the real world. Self-directed educational guidance for everyday life lessons you don’t learn in school, and everything grown-ups have a hard time teaching.  Used by kids to laugh, learn and teach themselves. Used by adults, parents, and caregivers so they don’t have to deal with chore battles anymore. Have fun picking up tips from other kids who like to do the same things as you.

Kidsperiences works to support you and your school-aged kids with fun, engaging educational information delivered in all media. Fresh content any way you like you – read, watch, share, take with you.  Safe place online to write, sell, and video and share the things kids love to spend their time on.  Kids can’t be on social media so we can help them promote their products for sale, too.

And, if you want to take this to the next level, and want to train more on business, we’ve got you there too!

  • help you individually
  • find the best resources for you (probably with discounts)
  • be a great helping hand
  • get your projects showcased and with more attention and views
  • promote for you on social media




“kidsperiences is fascinating!”
Erica B. , mom, NH

When we created a physical fitness series for cub scouts, the boys said “Fun, really fun!”

“I always learn from you, you are a GREAT encourager, and a heck of a nice person!.”
Diane R, OH


“A big thank you.  That was just incredible.  That was a really great thing you put together for us.  I really appreciate your work on that, and look forward to the next one.  Thanks again, wow!”
Matt H and his 8 year old son, CO

‘Thank you again for organizing this! The first session was really great; educational and practical, and your summary email afterwards was also fabulous, really helpful telling us what applies to achievements on Scouttrack!’

Den Leader, Wolf (cub scouts), OH


‘Thank you for helping me stay on track with healthy nutrition and exercise. Even though I mostly know what things I need to be doing, your knowledge, caring and support for MY best health reminds me to keep doing all of those things.  Thanks again for giving so much of yourself!’
April G., NC
We recognize the work of Life Skills educators and activists around the globe with the designation  Global Presence Ambassador and honor individuals and corporations making magnanimous contributions in the Life Skills arena


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