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“ just want to do it myself…I want to help others learn new things.”



“want to see kids be kids and dress and act appropriately for right situations”

Madison S., NC

Corban M., OH

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“From my personal experience I know how important it is to teach kids practical, everyday life-skills – this past year I lived on my own for the first time and had to learn how to pay bills, manage my accounts, and balance my schedule at one fell swoop and, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.”

Gabriella A., FL

Gabi is debuting her writing skills because she’s enthusiastic about kids and teens, and seeing them learn practical life skills.  Her favorite topics are food and healthy eating, gardening, beauty tips, money skills, fitness, and career planning.  She’s tutored middle school students while assisting them in learning how to manage their schedules and time.  Because she’s spent half of her life living overseas, she is fluent in two languages and has the flexibility and broad-minded outlook from having experienced many cultures.  She’s currently attending Eckerd College studying Psychology, International Business and Journalism.



ceillie HS

“loves to write…”
Ceillie S.
Ever since she can remember, Ceillie has loved reading and writing. Recently graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Communication, she has years of experience with everything to do with communications from writing to editing to photography to graphics. She has several years of experience working with print and online newspapers and does work as a graphic designer on the side. Ceillie uses her variety of skills as an intern with sister site, Real Bites Small Talk, as well as blogging on her own time.

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kimH HS

“ loves sharing information and inspiration among those who believe and live by the phrase “You Are What You Eat”…”
Kim H.
Kim is all about healthy eating and establishing good habits when you are young.  The more involved the kids are in the kitchen and with their food choices, the better those choices will be in the future.


“all about the big ideas…”
Ginger B., Mentor
I first realized the lack of real-life skills in kids when my son was in the early years of school.  Education is a lot more than academics and schooling.  The more kids learn about real life along the way the more independent, resilient and successful they can be in their futures as adults.



Miller family

Koch family




Michelle Dawson – entrepreneurship and money management skills


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