Label Me Healthy: Reading Food Labels

July 7, 2016

guest contributor: Gabriella A. One of the first steps towards eating healthy and obtaining an understanding of food starts with reading food labels on packaged goods. Reading food labels will make it much easier for you to compare the products and find the foods that have the nutritional value your body needs to grow and sustain itself. Having this practical, everyday life-skill will help you and your family make healthy choices…


Kids That Cook: Learn to Safely Use Knives

May 25, 2016

    I hear that Home Ec is a dinosaur in schools these days, but not for us! Our home curriculum includes a cooking class just for kids this year, and if you want kids that cook, you can get a sneak preview now through June 6 (it’s a knife skills training that will knock your socks off) FREE VIDEO SERIES:


Kids Wellness: Why Children Need Vitamins

April 21, 2016

  Kids Wellness: Do you think your kids are eating healthy?  Do you think they even can be healthy with the nutrient values of their food?  Maybe you need to see this: You can donate vitamins to Children’s Hunger Fund – see DONATE NOW


Kids Doing Laundry: How to Fold Laundry

March 11, 2016

Contributor:    Marissa, 5, NC Kids doing laundry: here are the steps on how to fold laundry according to Marissa : Mommy washes and puts clothes into the dryer…..and my job is to fold the clothes. STEPS: 1- when dryer stops take clothes out 2- put clothes in basket 3- push basket over to couch 4- take clothes out of basket 5- fold clothes on couch 6- stack folded clothes…


Easiest Way to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs Every Time

February 8, 2016

How to perfectly boil eggs every time: 1     Put cold eggs into pot and fill with cold water just to cover. 2     Bring to boil, and set timer.  3.5 min for soft-boiled and 6.5 min for hard-boiled.  We even do both at the same time and just pull out a soft-boiled one early to eat right away, and leave rest in to finish time. 3  …


Social Media House Rules

January 10, 2016

  As your elementary schoolers age into middle schoolers, they will be exploring more sites online. Do you worry about your tweens getting on social media networks?   The minimum age for most social media networks is 13 years [click here for chart].  Does that mean your kids are ready for them though?   We think it’s possible to achieve an understanding if you work from similar house rules to…


Kid Activities: How to Write Thank You Notes

December 29, 2015

Looking for kid activities? Kids are never too young to learn the value of gratitude and thoughtfulness.  Acknowledging someone else makes everyone feel great.   They need to be taught some options so they learn good words to use in writing more formally to others.  Here are the sections: Dear ______,  Thanks for [       ].  It….[say something about the gift]. I am [say something about how it…