Kids Wellness: 5 Habits to Help You Manage ADHD Without Medicine

December 17, 2015

Kids Wellness: originally posted on for adults and kids on things you can do to help yourself I was diagnosed with ADHD and clinical depression when I was in 7th grade. I had had some of the symptoms of ADHD since I was little – impulsivity, fidgeting constantly, lack of forethought – but I wasn’t tested until I was around 13 years old. Because of my particular diagnosis, symptoms,…


Kids in the Kitchen

December 10, 2015

Getting young ones involved in food prep paves the way for healthier eaters.  Picky eaters learn how fun it is to cut veggies and be involved with family.  The colors and textures of foods, and the variety of ways to use each ingredient can be really exciting and fun.  There is something everyone can help with, and older kids can even start to make some of their own meals. Photo credit:…


11 Ways to Encourage Your Kids’ Entrepreneurial Mindset: FOR PARENTS

November 15, 2015

When you were a kid, did you dream of growing up to be your own boss? Did you wish you could make lots of money, and run the whole show? Sounded great then, but now you know that’s not the full story. Starting your own business takes the ability to see things before they exist, and then go create it.  Almost like an artist.  Creating something from nothing is just…


5 Easy Ways for School Kids to Get Organized

September 27, 2015

by Ceillie Simkiss, Contributor,   We all know that one of the hardest parts of being busy is staying organized, especially when you have school, homework and chores to do. We also know that when other people organize our stuff, it makes stuff really difficult to find when you need it.  Doing a little bit of regular tidying and organization can actually save you time in the long run,…