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c863e4_465614b151a24b2690fafcdf8745a06bThe award-winning Biz in a Boxx is the only DIY youth entrepreneurship program of its kind that lets kids take any idea for a product or service and develop it into a business. Biz in a Boxx goes beyond sharing stories about other entrepreneurs that leave kids unsure about what to do. Our kits are designed for kids to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and apply them in the real world running their own businesses. No classroom needed!

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Each workbook is designed for a specific age group:


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Biz in a Boxx Kits are much more than business curriculum. What makes it different is it’s completely hands-on in order to effectively teach concepts, engage students and form real businesses. We don”t just spout theories, but expose students to the different aspects of business, from determining how much an employee costs to varying types of investors. Biz in a Boxx also incorporates STEM, language arts and financial literacy – all of the fundamentals students need to be career ready.


What People Say:

“My boys, Taylor, 10, and Zach, 12, each got a Biz In A Boxx in March. Taylor has a dog walking business and Zach designs T-shirts. They have a lot of pride in what they do. Instead of talking about X-box games at supper they discuss their businesses.”

Anna Marie, Mesa, AZ

“Biz in a boxx is SOOOO cool. I like it a lot. My business is Kailee’s Seeds & Birdfeed.”

Kailee, 8 1/2, Ossining, NY

“The thing I like most about running a business is that I can make my own decisions. It’s interesting to learn about how businesses run and I like making money doing what I love. My parents like that I run a business because now I don’t ask them to pay for the things I want.”

Nicole, 14, Eureka, KS


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