Thinking About Business? Be a Kidpreneur

Youth entrepreneurship is on the rise as kids see they have to work for money for all the things they want.   Parents who own their business already know that the entrepreneurial mindset is a crucial skill in business success for their futures, even if they work on a job or for someone else and don’t actually become business prodigies or kidpreneurs.  Money management skills, planning and organizational skills, and selling skills are needed nearly everyday in real life.  [added by the grownup]

“Kidpreneur$- Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas!” is a really good book. It talks about how you as a child could become an entrepreneur in a kid like way. It also talks about how to make a business, find customers, and it gives you a little review at the end of each chapter. I recommend this book to kids who are starting a business and could need some help or just as some extra info. I really learned a lot.


I used the Start-up Costs section to help me shop for supplies for the product I am making for my Entrepreneur’s Club at school.  We also had to put together a business plan and the info in the book really helped me think of what to write down.20151016_091734

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