Candy That’s Good for You?

My mom told me she heard about some lollipops that are good for your teeth, and then she ordered a package of the mixed flavors for me to try.  They are really good, and good for you.  And, they are made by a kidpreneur!

Lollipops that fight cavities?  It’s possible!  Buy some and see how they taste (Zollipops on

As for the ingredients, we agree with Wellness Mama in the blog post called Is Xylitol Healthy?


Update 4/22/16 on the Biz Kid$ blog:

As a 7-year-old, Alina Morse invented a (sweet) tooth-friendly lollipop called Zollipops. Last month, it was the only candy served at the White House. Her story of sweet success, on the Biz Kid$ blog.