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January 14, 2018

Through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur

December 14, 2017

  Did you know 33% of Americans say their top goal in life is to run their own company?  It’s true according to a new survey conducted by SUCCESS magazine.   With the economy in another difficult stage and many businesses in trouble, more people are thinking about starting their own businesses. Certainly many millionaires have made their fortunes on their own, but most people have no idea of what entrepreneurs…


Happy National Entrepreneurship Day

November 21, 2017

  Success requires more than good intentions.  It’s time to take some action. Running a business is a lot harder than just working at things, but it’s also a lot more profitable, a lot more exciting, and a lot longer lasting!  Do you like to solve problems and figure things out on your own?  You may be a real entrepreneur! Take this free quiz to find out how much of…


New Skills for the Future

September 28, 2017

Guest Post by: Sreela Banerjee, The Life Skills Network, UK   The Future of Work is Here: more balance, but a wider range of skills.  Are you preparing your children? The odds are that if you start work in a big organisation today, you will be self-employed sooner or later, whether for the short term, or even, if you choose it, for the long haul. Professor Charles Handy saw this…


Kids Making Money on National Small Business Week

April 29, 2017 In honor of National Small Business Week, we delicate this post to all young business-seekers.  The following video was posted this week by Kathy R of Women’s Empowerment Movement for women wondering if starting a business might be right for them.   We think this is helpful to kids and families, also, to think of the strengths and characteristics it takes to create a startup business. There is no…


Got a Kid Entrepreneur in your Home? Get this!

December 19, 2016

A new online e-course – FOR PARENTS: How to Raise an Entrepreneur Do your kids dream of starting their own business? This Skillshare lesson will show you, as parents of a school-aged kid, How to Raise an Entrepreneur by identifying skills and growing their mindset for small business and making money. Available Now on Skillshare!  Click here for a FREE month of Premium access and you get this class plus over 12,000 others in many…


How to Encourage: Success Tips For Kids

August 20, 2016

  There’s a book called “Keys to Success for Kids” that helped me learn to encourage more.  It’s written by a kid named Caleb Maddix.  Caleb is a 14 year old who gives us some good ideas on how to set our routines and be healthy.   How to Be an Encourager The section called “Be an Encourager” on page 46 affected me by showing that anyone can help people who suffer…


Want to Teach Other Kids about your Favorite Things?

August 8, 2016

Want to share your talents?  Want to teach other kids about your favorite things? If you love to: garden sell things and do business do art code or work with computers make jewelry take care of animals Teach other kids!!!!! Write a blog post, make a video, or talk for web radio.  We’d love to hear from you. KIDS: Submit your idea here


Practical Skills for Kids: Not All Schooling is Done in School

July 11, 2016

…..Why Learning Practical Skills for Kids is so Important   Will your Child be ready to leave the house?   Practical skills for kids are dying.  Everyone eats, few cook. Everyone shops, few budget.  Everyone uses electronics, few can fix basic computer issues.  Many kids aren’t being taught cursive writing anymore.  How will they be able to read historical documents?  Kids aren’t learning these things in school anymore. Teenagers seem to…