Gardening for Kids: Foods You Can Re-Grow

December 12, 2015

Gardening for kids: Did you know there are some foods that you can re-grow?  Don’t throw out the carrot tops, or the celery ends! Take the carrot top and place in a bit of water Change out the water every day In a week you can have new growth to plant See what we did? For more foods you can re-grow, read here:


Kids in the Kitchen

December 10, 2015

Getting young ones involved in food prep paves the way for healthier eaters.  Picky eaters learn how fun it is to cut veggies and be involved with family.  The colors and textures of foods, and the variety of ways to use each ingredient can be really exciting and fun.  There is something everyone can help with, and older kids can even start to make some of their own meals. Photo credit:…


Kids Cake Decorating

November 5, 2015

Submitted to Facebook on 11/15/15 by Kendra from NH: Kendra from NH says of her work, “I like cake decorating because my mom makes cakes and she is teaching me how to decorate them too. It’s a fun hobby and I’m learning a lot!” Hard at work decorating her two layer cake made all by herself (mostly). Like art you can eat. Her mom says, “Plus, it’s a life lesson for…


5 Easy Ways for School Kids to Get Organized

September 27, 2015

by Ceillie Simkiss, Contributor,   We all know that one of the hardest parts of being busy is staying organized, especially when you have school, homework and chores to do. We also know that when other people organize our stuff, it makes stuff really difficult to find when you need it.  Doing a little bit of regular tidying and organization can actually save you time in the long run,…


Which egg is which?

June 14, 2015

White store bought grade A large vs Brown homegrown egg. We’re pretty sure this is a double yolk.  Most are not quite as large.  We definitely enjoy finding the eggs. It’s like an egg hunt several times a day. Our chickens are free roaming which means they nest wherever they want and we have to find the nests. Not super efficient for us though. It is nice knowing the eggs…


Fostering Kittens

June 12, 2015

Have you ever fostered 2 cute kittens where ones playful but the other’s shy? Well I’m doing that right now and Mango (the playful orange tabby) is quite wild and annoying and Kiwi (the tabby that’s shy) is, well, shy and scared. What happened to Mango you’re thinking….. But I think since she sooo playful she probably ran out of the house and got lost and was found by our…