Real Life Skills: Kids Can Change a Lightbulb (with supervision)

December 29, 2015

Teach your child real life skills: Have you ever had a non-working lightbulb? I have had to change my bathroom lights once! It seems complicated and dangerous but if you have a parent/guardian around they can teach you how to fix that single pesky lightbulb that won’t work. My tips are: 1. Have the lights turned off 2. Have a parent/guardian around in case you get hurt 3. Have you…


Kids Wellness: 5 Habits to Help You Manage ADHD Without Medicine

December 17, 2015

Kids Wellness: originally posted on for adults and kids on things you can do to help yourself I was diagnosed with ADHD and clinical depression when I was in 7th grade. I had had some of the symptoms of ADHD since I was little – impulsivity, fidgeting constantly, lack of forethought – but I wasn’t tested until I was around 13 years old. Because of my particular diagnosis, symptoms,…


Gardening for Kids: Foods You Can Re-Grow

December 12, 2015

Gardening for kids: Did you know there are some foods that you can re-grow?  Don’t throw out the carrot tops, or the celery ends! Take the carrot top and place in a bit of water Change out the water every day In a week you can have new growth to plant See what we did? For more foods you can re-grow, read here:


Kids in the Kitchen

December 10, 2015

Getting young ones involved in food prep paves the way for healthier eaters.  Picky eaters learn how fun it is to cut veggies and be involved with family.  The colors and textures of foods, and the variety of ways to use each ingredient can be really exciting and fun.  There is something everyone can help with, and older kids can even start to make some of their own meals. Photo credit:…


3 Tips to Take a Selfie – Kids

November 10, 2015

photo credit: Zach Fralley Have you ever tried to take a selfie and took a picture of the ground or didn’t get someone else in there? Well here are my 3 tips on how to take a selfie! 1. Find a button that switches the camera to point at you! 2. Make sure everyone’s head is in the picture and you don’t miss someone out! (I recommend using a selfie stick!) and…


Kids Cake Decorating

November 5, 2015

Submitted to Facebook on 11/15/15 by Kendra from NH: Kendra from NH says of her work, “I like cake decorating because my mom makes cakes and she is teaching me how to decorate them too. It’s a fun hobby and I’m learning a lot!” Hard at work decorating her two layer cake made all by herself (mostly). Like art you can eat. Her mom says, “Plus, it’s a life lesson for…