Thinking About Business? Be a Kidpreneur

October 16, 2015

Youth entrepreneurship is on the rise as kids see they have to work for money for all the things they want.   Parents who own their business already know that the entrepreneurial mindset is a crucial skill in business success for their futures, even if they work on a job or for someone else and don’t actually become business prodigies or kidpreneurs.  Money management skills, planning and organizational skills, and…


Can You Use Video Games for Education?

June 29, 2015

Many parents and even teachers seem to agree that some games are good training different skills, especially for kids with different learning styles.  What do you think? We still highly recommend limiting screen time. Read more at 04/beyond-screen-time-what-a-good-game-like-minecraft-teaches-kids/361261/ Topic submitted by G. Avivi.  


Tell Me What’s Next

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June 4, 2015