How to Encourage: Success Tips For Kids

August 20, 2016

  There’s a book called “Keys to Success for Kids” that helped me learn to encourage more.  It’s written by a kid named Caleb Maddix.  Caleb is a 14 year old who gives us some good ideas on how to set our routines and be healthy.   How to Be an Encourager The section called “Be an Encourager” on page 46 affected me by showing that anyone can help people who suffer…


Candy That’s Good for You?

January 23, 2016

My mom told me she heard about some lollipops that are good for your teeth, and then she ordered a package of the mixed flavors for me to try.  They are really good, and good for you.  And, they are made by a kidpreneur! Lollipops that fight cavities?  It’s possible!  Buy some and see how they taste (Zollipops on As for the ingredients, we agree with Wellness Mama in the…


Housekeeping Skills: Clean Up and Surprise Your Mom

January 17, 2016

The best way to confuse your mom is to clean your room by yourself.  Housekeeping skills are easy, I can tell you how.  This is how to keep your bedroom clean. Picking up your toys.  Any by making my bed.  And closing my drawers and closet.  Then I put my toys and books on the shelf. Then I put my dirty clothes away. You got this, too!  


Kids Wellness: 5 Habits to Help You Manage ADHD Without Medicine

December 17, 2015

Kids Wellness: originally posted on for adults and kids on things you can do to help yourself I was diagnosed with ADHD and clinical depression when I was in 7th grade. I had had some of the symptoms of ADHD since I was little – impulsivity, fidgeting constantly, lack of forethought – but I wasn’t tested until I was around 13 years old. Because of my particular diagnosis, symptoms,…


5 Easy Ways for School Kids to Get Organized

September 27, 2015

by Ceillie Simkiss, Contributor,   We all know that one of the hardest parts of being busy is staying organized, especially when you have school, homework and chores to do. We also know that when other people organize our stuff, it makes stuff really difficult to find when you need it.  Doing a little bit of regular tidying and organization can actually save you time in the long run,…


Can You Use Video Games for Education?

June 29, 2015

Many parents and even teachers seem to agree that some games are good training different skills, especially for kids with different learning styles.  What do you think? We still highly recommend limiting screen time. Read more at 04/beyond-screen-time-what-a-good-game-like-minecraft-teaches-kids/361261/ Topic submitted by G. Avivi.