Children in Business: How to Set up Your Selling Table

Children in Business:

Do you make crafts and want to sell them at an event?  

Do you have artwork or jewelry that you make?  

Do you need to make some extra money to buy that special item?  

Even if you have a service that you want to promote like lawn work or cleaning, you can hand out business cards, flyers and talk with people.  If you have the chance to get a table at an event, or even your neighborhood garage sale, try selling some things.  You could get some items that you fix up and re-sell for a higher price.

Look at Emma!  She set up her vendor table to sell her clay pieces, jewelry and other art at an expo for students and parents.

children in business: setting up your selling table

Emma, NC, 11

If you need some help to set up your selling table, get our

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