How to Encourage: Success Tips For Kids

Be an Encourager


There’s a book called “Keys to Success for Kids” that helped me learn to encourage more.  It’s written by a kid named Caleb Maddix.  Caleb is a 14 year old who gives us some good ideas on how to set our routines and be healthy.


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The section called “Be an Encourager” on page 46 affected me by showing that anyone can help people who suffer at something they are not good at.  He also notes that every some times will need encouragement.  He says to be kind and if you aren’t sometimes, you might resist not doing it.   People like hanging out with people who encourage others and keep things positive.

I was an encourager at school when we played kickball.  I gave my good friends some good cheers and yells as they went to kick and we played together against the other team.  It doesn’t always matter if you win, as long as you work and play together.

I think you will like this book as much as I did.


You can order your own copy of this book here.