Happy National Entrepreneurship Day


Success requires more than good intentions.  It’s time to take some action.

Running a business is a lot harder than just working at things, but it’s also a lot more profitable, a lot more exciting, and a lot longer lasting!  Do you like to solve problems and figure things out on your own?  You may be a real entrepreneur!

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Working on a business, uses many valuable life skills from math and money skills, public speaking, teamwork, art, maybe even mechanical engineering, crafts, people skills, and so much more.

Entrepreneurial training is crucial to the next economy, whether you want to have a business or just want to learn some valuable skills.

Just like it’s said in this article on 7 Critical Skills for the Jobs of the Future, critical thinking, collaboration and adaptability are necessary skills no matter what you do in the future.  That is why entrepreneurship is so important now.

Reach out to us if you have a business-interested youth in your home.  We’d like to encourage them with opportunities to blog, sell something, or video their talents.

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