Kids Life Skills

We know tweens and teens are growing up and having a harder time leaving the home since many life skills weren’t learned to foster their independent and responsibility skillsets.  It’s not their fault, and it’s not the parents fault directly either.

Somehow it seems like kids these days need or expect a lot more hand-holding.  I’m not really sure where that comes from.  Schools seem to have dropped all the “extras” and many kids aren’t even learning art or music anymore.  So how can there be time for them at school to learn home and real life skills like cooking or woodworking from shop class?

There isn’t time for any life skill training anymore.

Parents are busier than ever and it’s a real struggle to be a good example to the kids when there’s barely enough time to rush from homework to sports events or other classes.  Parents also struggle with feeling like they aren’t an expert to be a good teacher to their kids.  Some parents discourage kids by offering too much help.  They’ve made homework so complicated, parents do even know how to help anymore. Life is more complex, and competition is stiff for all types of work.  Everyone is busy, rushing, and …..missing out.  Patience is nearly gone. Still, it’s a parents job so what are we to do?


Let other kids teach our kids.

Informal learning is the way to go!  Kids learning from other kids some of the daily skills needed to help out, and be a success themselves now and into the future.  No one needs to be an expert to pickup great tips for skills in:

  • Home care – like hosting guests, and cooking
  • Self-care – like nutrition, wellness, and fitness, and dressing right for the occasion
  • Money care, and maybe some business skills
    • Out-of-home care – like, meeting new people, getting around, and getting help


   Start a Business Start a Job or Volunteering Start Fundraising for a Cause
   Start Healthy Eating & Cooking Skills Adoption Skills & Info
   Start Modeling & Acting Video Gaming Tips




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