How to Train on Life Skills During Your Day

Life skills are a lot more than cooking and cleaning, they are practical skills adults use everyday. Some skills kids and teens learn at home, of course. And others they learn through scouting or other activities. Friends and families that are interested in other things can teach your children just by being together and sharing fun times.

More often, though, they are not learning life skills as much in school anymore.

We suggest you can combine academics and life skills as you go about your normal daily activities.

Pam Goodman of K6Easy says, “All school subjects can be applied to real life situations.  When a concept is not mastered, practicing it in their environment creates understanding and builds confidence.  It is important not to add more events to your life and apply concepts to activities you are already doing.  Adding stress to any situation is not beneficial.”

She goes on to give this example –

How many times do we go to the grocery store?  This environment is chock full of opportunities to practice many concepts.

  • counting how many items are placed in the cart
  • weighing produce
  • finding sight words
  • identifying letters
  • reading labels
  • observing the shopping cart wheels in motion
  • estimating how much something will cost
  • finding shapes
  • writing out the grocery list

If you want a great list of hundreds of life skills to help you work on your life skills training at home, we have put one together for you for free.  Grab your copy of our Ultimate List of 100s of Life Skills and see how many your kids know and what they want to learn next.


“Apply whatever they are learning to their life with something that is of high interest to them.”

Homework Hassles, Pam Goodman




You can get curriculum from Skill Trek in kits or electronically for your kids 5-18 years. Skill Trek is an A to Z collection of life skills we believe all children should know in addition to their traditional schooling or homeschooling.

The skills are fun and creative and include professionally designed lessons and videos. Receive the skills in the format that works best for your family.  Click here to find out more about Skill Trek.